Worship & Music

Music & Worship Ministries

We are looking for guest artists to perform 1-2 pieces during worship. All instruments & performance styles are welcome. Musicians of color, musicians with disabilities, musicians of all gender identities, and musicians from other diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. The rate of pay is between $100-150. If interested, contact: info@trinitykc.org.

Rebecca and Sarah Stevens perform the special music selection at Trinity’s 2021 Christmas Eve Service.

There are many ways to participate in Trinity’s worship service!

  • Serve as liturgist during our Worship Service. Every Sunday, our liturgists play a vital role in our worship services when the welcome the congregation, lead the call to worship, and read the day’s scripture. Each week, a Trinity participant volunteers to serve as liturgist, and we would love to have you serve in this role, as well!
  • If you’re interested in music, consider joining our Chancel Choir. Chancel Choir meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month at 7 pm. They sing a wide variety of music and even have snacks to share. Chancel Choir is temporarily on hold due to the pandemic. Temporarily paused due to the pandemic.
  • If you’re interested in performing on an occasional basis, sign up to to perform as a special guest musician by contacting Rebecca Stevens and Robert Rowlett at info@trinitykc.org.